Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday

I do NOT look forward to Monday throughout the week because of "Not Me Monday" and try to remember all the things that happen all week to put on here, nope not me!
I did not find myself crying off and on all this past week because my best friend is moving back to the states and then all the way to Arizona and is leaving in 8 days, not me, I am not a cryer.
I did not hold my boys as they sobbed into my arms because their best friend is leaving (in EIGHT days)
On a lighter note...I did NOT, repeat did not have fun shopping for purses in Czech Republic with said best friend and another good friend on Saturday. No, I can't stand shopping, hate batering, and absoltely detest walking away with a fabulous deal!
I did not lay on the couch all morning long because of a migrane and ignore my children the best I could, throwing a pillow over my head and praying for silence.
I did not forget that Emily was leaving today and flying to speak in North Carolina today, and get totally bummed out when I talked to her husband and had to banter with him for a few minutes.
I did not get happy when she called ME from the airport.
I did not stress out today over my computer not working and thinking it had crashed. No, I would not worry about something such as that.
I did not get all giddly when my husband called me this evening. I do not ever feel like a teenager when I see the caller id and his number show up.
I did not want to reach through the computer and slap a woman because she denies Christ, because of course I would not be a good example then for slapping her would I? I mean it doesn't annoy me beyond belief that she says "You believe what ever you want, it doesn't matter to me" yet she argues with those who are Christians CONSTANTLY. That does NOT annoy me. I'm a gentle soul, I do not argue with people and never want to shake them and tell them to WAKE UP to the truth.
I have not put off cleaning off this desk or my craft table today knowing friends are delivering my new Antique shrunk/hutch tomorrow at 5 PM. I will not procrastinate until tomorrow and then freak out and clean like a crazy woman and shove everything into my bedroom, no I'm far more organized than THAT!
I did not get humbled off my butt yesterday by a friend who blessed me with a gift, after having a mini whine to another friend, and did not have to repent to friend. Nope not me, God never does that to tell me to shut up does he??
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MamaJ said...

HI! Thanks for visiting my blog! Liked your "Not Me" post! We have a little one who passed away also. He was 18 days old and had a congenital heart defect.
I am so curious about your life overseas! I will be back to read more!

CntryMomma said...

{{{{{{{{Christy}}}}}}}} I kept checking for updates from my update thingamajig on my dashboard and saw no updates for you since a month ago ("Love Them Like Jesus") and that is why I left a comment on your facebook page (I did do that right?) ...instead of just pulling your journal up and seeing that, in fact, you have been bloggin' regularly. I thought that you weren't bloggin' anymore and I'm so maaaaaaad at my update thingamjig and soooo behind, so alot of comments are coming.

*sigh* Okay, vent over.


He And Me + 3 said...

I have never put a pillow over my head and prayed for silence either. Those kids can be so loud when your head is pounding. BTW...I want to slap that lady too!
Great list!

SB said...

hey girl:

Send me your shipping address. You "won" the big ol' batch of acrylic stamps that I had listed on my blog. Do you have a need for anything else that you can't find there in Germany? I'll do what I can :)

Blessings to you today, my sister in Christ.

Amanda said...

LOL I had to laugh out loud and the misguided women who denies Christ... Ihave felt that way too! But I think you probably handeled it MUCH better then me!

So glad you got to talk to hubby and that (hopefully) your migrane is gone now?

Be well!

God bless-