Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's Been A Long Saturday

Well this day has really went on forever. It's only 11:30 PM and it feels like it should be at least 2:30 AM! I know you're thinking "why aren't you in bed then" but that would be because I took a nap with Emma and Jackson.

This morning I had just woke up via a phone call from B discussing what time we were going to meet to go to a Basket Factory (they make the baskets right there, they're so beautiful and can last around a hundred years...yes 100 years!). So, I told her what time I'd be by to get her, was going to drop my boys off at her place and then we would be off! Not 20 minutes later, I'm cuddled up t a still sleeping Emma and she wakes up, sits up and pukes. It hit the arm of my shirt (long sleeve) and all over the bedding. I got her and I cleaned up and called B and told her I wasn't going to be able to go. (Oh we were meeting friends from The Hospitality House there). Her and her husband, Jacob, and her kids went ahead and went. I'd had her son B for the last two nights so it was nice to have a bit of a break.

So I get Emma and I all cleaned up. I go into the kitchen to hurry the boys up and get them out the door (Jacob and Little B) and she threw up again down my back (ahhh yes, nothing like vomit in your hair and down the back of your shirt). So I jump in the shower with Emma, get cleaned up, and I hadn't gotten a diaper on her, yet and she was walking around as I got dressed (happy as could be) and I could hear her in the kitchen with the boys and as I walk from my bedroom to the kitchen there it is...oh yes come on you all know what it is....NOT puke! Diarreah. Oh the morning was just getting better and better. So get that all cleaned up, get a diaper on little butt, and shove the kids out the door, reminding Jacob to BE GOOD and behave. Jack who'd said he didn't want to go, proceeds to start crying because of course now he WANTS to go. Too late I say. By now, we're settling down on the couch to rest. Emma's cuddled up in my arms and I just feel overwhelmed to SLEEP. At this point Emma is sleeping and I just can't fight it. Jack comes and asks if he can lay at the other end of the couch, "of course you can buddy" and there we are...3 people, 3 blankets, 3 passed out in 5 minutes! We napped for 2 hours. Well Emma and I napped for 2 hours, Jack was 2 1/2 hrs! I was actually worried he was getting sick, but nope I think he was just exhausted from the late nights of having B over, watching movies, and having fun...and getting up at the crack of dawn. INSANE children! LOL
So although my body is aching, sore, and mind is still going 100 miles an hour! Of course!

Emma's sleeping in my bed because like a bad Mommy when she woke up this morning she'd slept all night in her crib, and she woke up screaming (not unusual..she HATES the crib in the mornings! LOL) I was half asleep and just picked her up. Well tonight I went to lay her down in the crib and what do I find...puke. She'd gotten sick in her bed and I had NO IDEA. So I win "worst mommy of the day" award for that miss. I wouldn't have been so SHOCKED when she threw up on me later! So is life though, right?!

Everyone's sleeping now. Jacob got home about 5 this evening. Jack spent his afternoon playing with the neighbor boy, so they had a good amount of free time outside and out of the apartment and away from all the germs. (I do have windows cracked to help and get rid of them).
They cleaned their bedroom tonight, it's not done but they made a huge amount of progress. Of course I had to go all crazy on them to get it through their heads that this Momma was NOT messing around with the disaster zone. Now if I could only follow my own demands on my own bedroom. I did do something though. I obviously had bedding to wash, so that was all washed, bed remade...but I also started on laundry. I got 4 loads washed and dried. I have not folded and put away anything yet, I'll do it tomorrow.

We're not going to church in the morning since the last diaper of Emma's I changed tonight was virtually water. I don't want to expose other children to her and this bug. I'm so thankful I nurse her, so I know she's getting everything she needs via breastmilk. She also did eat today. She found a new love affair with saltine crackers. She ate a few bites of soup at lunch. She actually ate some dinner, so that was good anyways. Oh and she only threw up those two's just been about 10 or more diarreah diapers throughout the day and evening. She had about one an hour, not including the first accident. I will say this, Emma is going to have one strong immune system! The boys have stayed pretty healthy so far this year, so their immune systems are in good shape! Emma seems to have the same bug I had 2 weeks ago. Hopefully the boys don't end up with it, but I can't really prevent them from getting it. Emma obviously got it from someone else than me, since it's been exactly two weeks since I came down with it. It's one of those bugs that's going around everyone here on post though. The boys are at least old enough that if they do get it, they can pretty well make sure they get to the bathroom. Hopefully I do not have to clean up anymore throw up! YUCK!!

Well...I'm off to read more blogs and go check on laundry! I'm going to read a book too! I came across the Yada Yada Prayer Group books, they were on the free shelf at our library! So I have started reading one! So far I'm really enjoying it. I've only read a few pages of course, but I've also heard some really great things! I have two more books sitting here that I am looking forward to reading too, Karen Kingsbury's Ever After and Lori Wick's Whispers of Moonlight. I'll probably start on one of those in a week or so, once I've read my Yada Yada book. Of course that depends on how this week goes and how much reading time I get! :)

Tchuess (bye in German)


Linda said...

oh, poor YOU! Goodness, you just can't cut a break! Hope things get better soon. You REALLY need to read the Yada Yada books in order...I have them all (there are 7) and have read them three times now! I LOVE that series. If they have the Dearest Dorothy series, get those too, they're GREAT. And I adore Karen Kingsbury and Lori Wick...good books.

As for the worst mommy award...I've let my son sleep in his own puke and not known it. First time it happened was in Germany...and he's done it a few times here, since. Never had that problem with Hannah, she makes it to the bathroom easily!

Linda said...

ah yes the days of having your children throw up all over the place....would it be odd if I said that was one of those moments that I am going to miss?? LOL Linda

*Fran* said...

Lovely Blog Christy... :))

Amanda said...

Im sorry little Emma is sick. But so glad of how you handle everything! And knowing how god breast milk is for her! And that you are still nursing!!! You are A GREAT lets just forget about that random puke in the crib incident (BTW, dont beat yourself up!) adn focus on all the reasons your kids are so blessed to have you!

Have a blessed week my dear!