Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Get out there and Vote

Turn off the music on my play list (scroll down to the bottom of my page).

I'm an Army wife, I'm extremely patriotic, and this is one of my husband's very favorite songs, EVER. I don't know of a time I've listened to this song where I've not at least gotten tears in my eyes.

Today is the day we elect a new President. It's one of the most difficult jobs, that I personally would NEVER want, but is so important. They're a defender of our nation, decision makers, although not always the ones who have the final say on those decisions (don't forget the Senate and Congress). They are the ones in which all or most of the blame is laid upon. The men who've held this position, this job have aged tremendously in their 4 to 8 years in service. Beyond just the Presidential election though, we have other positions up for election and they are just as important in many ways. Kansas has Lynn Jenkins running for a Congressional seat for the first time. Her parents are family friends of ours. I love her parents. When I was young, my parents rented a house from them for 3 or 4 years. They became like grandparents and have remained an important part of my life in the last 20 + years. To know that Lynn is in Washington fighting for our state, is amazing to me. So for me that Congressional seat is big. She's running against another woman who has not so much hurt Kansas, but is not one I can support 100% as I can Lynn.

We have to vote with our heads, more than our emotions. A politician may "move" us, but I think we all know that being moved is not all that is important. I don't need to be constantly "inspired" by someone. I need to know that when they're put to the test they're going to go at it head first, with fists clinched, and will not give up until the battle is won. I need to know that their character is strong. I need to know that the people they allign themselves with are for our country and not wanting to see the demise of it.

I need to know that those who are representing us on a local, state, and national level are doing so in their absolute best abilities. I need to know they have experience, where it counts. I want someone to stand up and behind my husband and his job, and that if that person is the one "leading" them, they are doing it with the knowledge that only one who's been in the Armed Forces has. I think it's imperitive that a Commander and Chief be one who has military background or a close family member who's in or been in, and shows me they get what an AWESOME responsibility it is to be in the military and to lead it.

I don't need an organizer, I want a leader.


Shelly said...

yes, get out and vote!!! Great entry Honey. I'm proud too and proud of you having the courage to stand up for what you believe in!! Love ya, Shelly

Yolanda said...

As a Mother, well ok, if you want to get technical, a step-mother who loves like a MOTHER....of an American Veteran, I couldn't agree more with the post you have for us today.



Amanda said...

Well...I guess we know who won. I think America got the President they wanted, and deserve. I am so thankful that as a Christian, we only need to rely on our King.

Many blessings-

BP said...

Through the election I wondered how military families felt and now how they feel with the president eleect. I was disappointed with the election results as well.