Monday, November 10, 2008

Will it ever end?

Ok so Emma's still battling her oh so pleasant bowel issue's. This morning about 7:30 I get a call from B, they obviously had a late start and said she was bringing Jacob home, he'd thrown up in their van as they were heading out. They took him back to their place to get him changed, and then brought him home. They didn't end up going, they still had to clean out their van from Jacob's little gift, but it ended up good for them, they had a lot to do today, and it allowed them to get it done since everything will be closed tomorrow for Veteran's Day.

So Jacob got home and oh the fun began, that poor boy threw up so much and then the bowel issue's began too. He napped off and on throughout the day. About 4 he said he was feeling better. He's been good since. I told him the bowel issue's would probably hang around for a few days, but hopefully the vomitting is done with. I'm sure Jackson's next. I have a couple windows open to "air out the place".

I have a lovely cold so it's just good times all around. I will say that it's only November and I'm done with us being sick. Hopefully we get it all done and over with early this year and that will be it! So if you'll pray, I'd appreciate it!!

I had to cancel Emma's first dentist apt and reschedule it. The lady in our dentist office was really rude, and said that since I didn't cancel 24 hrs ahead of time it'd be shown as a "no show" I told her I didn't care, unless she wanted me bring in kids that were vomitting and had diarreah, and told her my family comes first. Army life is good, really over all it is, but sometimes it's just rediculous. The boys have an apt in a few more days and depending on where they're at when they call to confirm, I may reschedule theirs too. It'd be nice if I could get all 3 on the same day right in a row, we'll see!

I am dealing with guilt over B and her family canceling their trip today. I know they got a lot done, but still they really aren't going to get to do anything it looks like before they leave for the states now. I know I had no control, but it was "my" child that got sick. She called and told me not to feel bad, but well it just seems to be hanging on any ways. I am trying to come to terms of her leaving too. When I first returned from our trip to the states it hit me like a ton of bricks and then it didn't look like they were going to leave and then last week when we found out they were. I don't think it's completely sunk in, yet the reality is here. There's just this sadness that seems to be hanging over me. Taking a deep breath here. I have yet to break it to the boys. I want to wait until they have a date, but who knows when that's going to be and I don't want to give them only a week notice. I may sit down with them tonight and do that. Say a prayer for all of us when I do that please.

I'll do my "Not Me Monday" later, once the kids are all in bed.


He And Me + 3 said...

oh, i will pray. I hope that all of you are better soon.

Amanda said...

Im so sorry your losing B... having a best friend so close and then all of a sudden... NOT so close..well, its hard.

And I bet B love syou so much she was just glad she could help you out a bit. What if youwere the one that sceduled the trip and one of ehr kids got sick and you stayed home and got stuff done. Would you be mad at her? Heck NO you wouldn't! Thats what best friends are for!

Be well...and prayers for the kids!