Monday, November 03, 2008

I Made It!

Well I made it through the day and not exhausted or anything! I didn't end up falling asleep until a little after 3 AM (once I got Emma out of bed and into mine, she wanted to play for a few!) LOL
So....I set my alarm so I'd be up before they arrived, I need to fix my alarm clock, because Chad set it at one point and it's like 20 minutes fast. I'm a girl who wants to know what time it is, I don't need that extra time to fool myself. So anyways, I got up and moved to the couch. Right at 4:30 my doorbell rang and in they came. The baby came right to me and cuddled right in, sleepy and ready to head right back to sleep. Little guy as he kept saying "I don't want to be here" lol was just so tired and didn't really get what was happening and why he was pulled out of bed in the middle of the night. Once Daddy left, he told me "I really don't want to be here" and I told him that was ok, but that he was here and so until Daddy could come back we'd have a nice time. I asked him if he'd like to pick out a movie to watch until he fell back to sleep. So in went Cars and off he went to sleep, even with a smile and giggle before hand!! I laid the baby into the crib and off to dreamland she went immediately!

So....8:30 AM rolls around and we're all up and going for the day. Emma was excited to see new faces, my boys both like little man and all was good. I made pancakes for breakfast, there wasn't even any left for me and I doubled the batch! Little piggies! LOL I was glad they all ate so well! After that I cleaned up the kitchen and the kids proceeded to play. Everyone got dressed, and more playing. The boys played Battleship and Candyland, then played with swords, dress up, and many other things. The babies played, eh...fought over toys, cried for my lap...ok so mostly it was Emma who was NOT happy to have to share me, even my attention and kept doing her scream which made baby girl cry. I finally got them calmed down. I had Jacob take Emma to her room and play with her, while I got baby girl down for a nap, then had Jacob bring Emma out to the living room and laid baby girl down. She slept for about 2 hours. By then it was snack time, then of course more play time. Right before lunch baby girl woke up. I served leftovers from dinner last night, which was stuffed pita bread (Pita pockets is our name) they had ground sausage, scrambled eggs, and cheese stuffed in the bread, then baked until cheese is melted! They're a favorite in our house and Little man liked them! Baby girl just got some jar food, and ate it great!

Once lunch was over, I let Emma play for about 30 minutes and then it was nap time for her! Before I knew it their Daddy was here and Little man said he couldn't wait to come back! So pray that when he arrives early in the morning he's not quite so "I don't want to be here" so Daddy doesn't get upset! LOL

Once Emma was up from her nap, I had a couple errands to do and then over to my friend's house to deliver her birthday gift. We walked the whole way. I am not sure how far we walked, my guess is all in all maybe 1 1/2 to 2 miles???? Not sure! It was a nice walk and it felt good to be out walking. B and I got said birthday girl friend a piece of polish pottery that matches a piece we got. She never got to go to Poland and unfortunately the movers are coming to her house on Wednesday. I'm truly sad to see her leave. She's been here for almost 2 1/2 yrs and I love her and just can't imagine her not here. She has 2 boys who are friends with my boys and a great husband who's a chaplain. I've been blessed by their friendship. She will be here for aprox 1 1/2 more months, they'll leave right before Christmas. Anyways...she loved her piece and said she'll think of B and me everytime she uses it!! The kids all played for a while, we visited, she took a break from organizing before the packers and movers come...then we headed home.

I had dinner in the crockpot. I made crockpot steak. Well that's what I'm calling it! Take a nice cut of steak, make sure there's at least one to two steaks for each in your family, a pack of Onion Soup mix (the dry mix, such as Liptons), a can of Cream of Mushroom soup, and water to cover. Turn your crock pot on low and cook for at least 6 to 8 hours, the longer they cook the more tender. I know many will say they do something similar with their roast, I have too, but it's steak and it's a nice way to have it. My boys eat it up! It's definately one of their favorites! From the drippings just make gravy using corn starch, make up some mashed potatoes, and the veggie of your choice! I think next time I'm going to put some small red potatoes in the crock pot as well and maybe even some carrots...definately making it more and more like how I make my roast. Anyways, it's total no fuss dinner and we have yet to have left overs!

So...we're closing in on embarking for tomorrow. I need to pick up toys in the living room (just some baby toys), I should vaccum but I think I'm just going to wait until tomorrow. I'd like to stay off of my feet as much as possible, because my heals are killing me. All the walking today was great, but wrecks havoc on my feet. I had xrays done on my heals before I went back to the states and of course have never heard what the findings were. My dr was pretty sure it was heal spurs, but she's since left and moved back to the states and well we know none of the other drs would follow up, so I need to call and find out the results, if it is heal spurs or not. If it is, I'll just suffer. I am not going to have them shaved. What I've read and been told was they can and often do grow back and are then more painful. Well considering I struggle to walk after being on my feet for a while, going on decent length walks, or working out...I'll just suffer with the pain I have now. No desire to have it WORSE! Seriously I can't imagine it being worse, but if it can thank you!

I'm off to pick up and then just relax. :)


Slacker Mom said...

Gosh have had your hands FULL!

I hope you find time to rest and that your heels give you a break.

Linda said...

You're a crazy woman, but you just OOZE mommy, so you can handle those extra kids!

Try this for your next crockpot meal: a roast (cheaper the better, seriously!) and dry packages of: Brown gravy mix, ranch dressing, italian dressing. Add about 1/2 to 3/4 cup water and the mixes to the pot, mix well to dissolve the powders. Add the meat, turning to coat. Turn pot on low and cook 6-8 hours. This is just the YUMMIEST tasting sauce...I serve it with mashed potatoes...the kids LOVE to eat it!