Thursday, November 20, 2008

You're Going To Miss This

Tonight this will pretty well be about my friend B who is leaving on Tuesday, so just bare with me as I type through the tears.

I'm going to miss seeing B everyday, holding little D in my arms and kissing that sweet head. Having a true best friend right here to hang out with practically anytime I want. Oh how I'm going to miss that.

Going on walks, pushing strollers together, while the boys run or bike ahead of us. Listening to their laughter, sharing our own laughter. Having a friend to vent to, who doesn't judge me, just loves me.

Warm days at the park, sitting and talking for hours while the kids play.

Drop of the hat shopping trips or travels

Sitting together at church and lunch afterwards, I'm definitely going to miss that.

Her hugs

Having a a sister of the heart here with me.

Having someone I'm open to be silly and totally goofy with and who's just as silly and goofy, and cracking up afterwards.


Leene said...

B sounds like the perfect partner in crime, its such a rare treat to find a good friend like that. I'm keeping you in my prayers as you face the next few days. I will also keep B and her family in my prayers as they travel back to the states. Leene

Linda said...

It is so difficult to leave our friends! I feel the same way every time I have to leave Linda. The two of you look great in the pictures!! Linda

Amanda said...

My heart just goes out to you sweety...

Many blessings-

CntryMomma said...

Awww, you gonna make ME cry too ... LOL


Pam said...

That is so hard! I hope you get some free long distance! My best friend lives about 1000 miles from me... but it is so fun to go visit and talk every day on the phone... but it just isn't the same is it.

be blessed, and thanks for linking up.

KC said...

what a wonderful friend you have in B. I'm sorry that she has to leave..