Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New-Old Furniture!

It's here!! I still have to add more screws to the back of my hutch/shrunk and have to put the shelves in, will do that in a bit, but I love it! It was interesting getting it home but let me tell you just how blessed I am to have the friends I have and that these friends have friends in the right place! LOL The friend who had the Expidition which we loaded the shrunk in, called the MP's to get their truck to bring the back of the hutch home. We had carried my old desk down, well wait I should say my downstairs neighbor and Heather's husband carried it down and B's husband helped. While waiting on the MP's we decided since we had the Expidition unloaded (I'd driven it home while the owner waited for the MP's) we'd go get the "new" desk from B's and get it up here, by the time we got it here the back of the hutch was here and they got the hutch put together.

During all of this Heather was here and kept Emma. The boys had been at SAS (an after school program, ultimately) and B picked them up for me and took them back to her home and then when we came and got the desk she walked the boys and her kids over here.

I made biscuits and gravy for dinner and taught B how to make gravy. T (B's husband) ate 4 1/2 servings! LOL My boys both each had 2 bowls, B had 2 helpings. It was definitely a hit! :) B thinks she can make it now, and I have no doubt she can!!

Over the next couple of days I'll be getting my desk set back up and get the hutch filled with "treasures" that will fill it's spots! Here's a couple pictures of the hutch/shrunk and the desk.

The "new" desk. On the other side of the desk is 2 small built in shelves that you could set something cute on, of course with all the wires I doubt you'll ever be able to see that side!! I'd love to have a roll top desk and keep this desk, so maybe one day we could have both desks and use this for more of a writing/bill desk or even scrapbooking or something, even though I have a craft table. Or a homeschool desk, we'll see!

This is the front view of the shrunk.

Here's a full view of it. It's beside the desk, there's a small space which for now I have our wooden tv trays there, it's not where they are going to go, but until I get everything figured it...it works! I am pretty sure I'm going to move our table around I may actually move the shrunk, I have a small wall that I believe it will fit perfectly on and be more of a center piece there. I will measure it tonight or tomorrow and see if it'll fit. Right now my buffet is there, so we'll have to see if I can move them or get someone to help me move them!

Oh and today I also got my hair cut! I am loving it. It's a little shorter than I wanted, but it's ok, it'll grow! It's chin length (I was wanting it between chin and shoulder, but hey it's naturally curly it's kind of hard to get it just right sometimes!). I do like it and it's easy and no fuss. I'll see about getting a picture of me soon! :)


Linda said...

Biscuts and gravy.......oh my goodness that sounds sooooo good! How in the world did you get that shrunk in the house?? It is huge! Very pretty wood though. Linda

Ashley Griffin said...

beautiful piece of furniture!!! take some pics of you so we can see the haircut!!

a corgi said...

looks great!!! yum with the biscuits and gravy!! I bet it was delicious!! praying for you Christy as I know it is going to be hard to say goodbye to B

hugs to you and her


LawRuh said...

Ohh wow, I love the furniture! We want some antique too, but looking for the right thing at a 'good' price is hard. lol
That's great you had friends to help! I STILL can't find a good friend. I had one and she... well... let's just say I stopped talking to her.
OH and the entry below about the woman denying Christ. It's her perogative. She (hopefully) will wake up one day. All we can do is pray that she will.


Leene said...

The furniture looks so good - such sturdy and long lasting pieces, beautiful as well. I'm with you on wanting a rolltop desk, I remember my parents having one as a child and I loved it. Biscuits and gravy sounds so good right about now. Leene